Shame on Energy Alabama, GASP for Politicizing COVID-19

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October 31, 2019
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April 29, 2020

For days, the anti-utility groups Energy Alabama and GASP have waged a vicious social media campaign against Alabama Power Company and tried to bully state regulators. But the campaign isn’t to help customers. It’s to advance a radical anti-utility agenda and raise money by politicizing COVID-19.

“Alabama Power has issued clear statements that it will not disconnect any customers affected by COVD-19 and that it will work individually with customers to manage hardships,” explains JobKeeper Chairman Stewart Burkhalter. “Despite that, Energy Alabama and GASP have continued to politicize COVID-19 for their own purposes. They should be ashamed.”

Just last week, both Energy Alabama and GASP argued to the Alabama Public Service Commission that Alabama Power shouldn’t be able to build more natural gas power generation to keep customers warm in the winter. That wasn’t about helping customers and neither is this latest campaign.

“People need to understand that radical groups like Energy Alabama and GASP will literally say anything to raise a dollar or take a shot at a utility,” says Burkhalter. “But using a crisis that’s affecting workers and threatening lives is in very poor taste.”