Out-of-state environmentalists come to Alabama with hidden money, clear agendas

Ethics complaint filed in Florida against Alissa Jean Schafer, an elected official, implicating her employer, the Energy and Policy Institute.
September 14, 2020
Dark money: Alissa Jean Schafer’s Energy and Policy Institute (EPI) dupes Times Union writer
January 25, 2021

Fear drove them to Montgomery.

They feared Alabama would make its own decisions on energy policy.

So in marched an army of lawyers and so-called experts representing a slew of environmental groups. They came from California, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

iThey saw hearings at the Public Service Commission (PSC) in March as the perfect chance to explain to the people of Alabama everything they were doing wrong. Their goal was to kill natural gas and kill Alabama’s economy in the process.

There was a long list of organizations represented that week. Among them was an environmentalist organization called the Energy & Policy Institute (EPI). EPI is fairly typical of most environmentalist groups — it relies on bullying and hoodwinking of policy-makers to get what it wants. Their goal is to teach states like Alabama where it is wrong.

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