Cavanaugh blasts Biden energy policy – ‘Killing jobs is not unifying’

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January 25, 2021
Biden signs climate change orders amid concerns over jobs: ‘It is time to act’
February 7, 2021

President Joe Biden has already succumbed to the wishes of liberal environmentalists and gone against his calls for unity, according to Public Service Commission President Twinkle Cavanaugh.

In a conversation with Yellowhammer News, Cavanaugh reacted to Biden’s executive orders canceling the Keystone XL oil pipeline and placing the United States back in the Paris climate agreement.

“It’s telling that Joe Biden’s first move is to kill tens of thousands of American jobs when he scuttled the Keystone pipeline,” pronounced Cavanaugh. “What this says is that he doesn’t care about unity and strengthening the American economy, and that he cares about appeasing a small group of liberal radicals whose priorities are out of touch with the rest of America.”

Within hours of being sworn into the office, Biden issued an executive order withdrawing the permits for the Keystone XL oil pipeline and reversing a key energy initiative bolstered during the Trump administration.

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