Alabama’s committed to building a strong workforce to support its future

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October 10, 2018
Workforce Development in the Era of Industry 4.0
May 14, 2019

Currently no area of economic development presents a greater challenge or a greater opportunity for Alabama than workforce development.

Alabamians are hard workers, dedicated employees, innovative and resourceful and willing to get the job done.

We are also trainable and able to learn new skills that a different job may require.

Those are the positives Alabama brings in meeting this challenge.

Alabama Power is part of the team that works to improve our state’s workforce as one of the key areas of economic development. Businesses must have a workforce that is skilled, trained, smart, adaptable, and motivated.

State leaders recognize this is a top priority, and they are addressing it through the Alabama Workforce Council. In addition, Success Plus is Alabama’s program for improving the statewide level of education beyond high school, be it in a four-year or community college, a professional certification or a credential.

According to the Alabama Workforce Council, we need to add as many as a half-million new high-skilled employees in Alabama by 2025 to build the competitive workforce required to fill industry’s labor needs and compete for new businesses.

Alabama is not alone in facing a workforce development challenge.

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